Past Projects

  • Coding Stats - A python script to access the Wakatime API and compile various bits of info from multiple JSON feeds into a single graph with matlab.

  • GrocerSync - An iOS app written in Swift with SwiftUI that leverages the Paprika App API and the Kroger API to sync items from the Paprika shopping list into the Kroger shopping cart. An unreleased side project app to help me learn Swift. (Will stay unreleased, as I am not allowed to release it due to constraints placed by my employer.)

  • SpazureMod -- A World of Warcraft modification that allowed audio clips from the popular web series “Pure Pwnage” to be played any time the player achieved a killing blow. This project was written primarily in LUA. This project is now abandoned as I no longer play the game and thus do not have a testing environment.

  • An unnamed Salesforce function to convert Date/Time function output into HH:MM:SS

  • Various rom/rot/diku MUD implementation teams, mostly level and gear additions, occasional race and class modifications. Codebase was mostly C with a little bit of C++ sprinkled in over time.

  • Several plugins for Trillian, an instant messaging app. These mods have been lost to time, but were basically XML files to extend functionality and add some minor visual tweaks.

  • Website for "Sterling Entertainment," a Seattle-Tacoma talent booking agency.

  • Website for "Skasmopolitan," a popular musical group in the late 90's. Utilized mostly HTML3 and CSS2.

  • FavorCalc - A command-line app written in C++. This app took Voln favor information from GemStone III (a text-based role playing game) and calculated how long until the next advancement. This information was eventually added into the game , rendering the companion app obsolete.